Always strong as steel

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen produces sustainable and reusable products that prevent a single-use waste.
This Eco-label brand has been producing reusable stainless steel drinking bottles since 2004.

The products are available in brushed stainless steel or in various colors by means of powder coating, the reusable bottles from Klean Kanteen are beautiful in design but also good for nature.

Klean Kanteen products are versatile, the interchangeable lids can be easily exchanged for different purposes, from coffee in the morning, smoothie in the afternoon to water for sports and beer for relaxation.

Those who want it even more unique can have their stainless steel or coated cup personalized by laser engraving, we also have the option to provide it with a different color or design by using Cerakote coatings.

Products build to last

Daily drink- and foodsolutions

Safe materials

Safe and durable materials

Klean Kanteen uses environmentally friendly and safe alternatives to plastic and treated aluminum, which is why all beautifully designed products from this climate-neutral brand are BPA-Free and made from 90% recycled stainless steel.

That’s why Klean Kanteen bottles are one of the safest ways to store drinks, without any toxins or protective layers, no unpleasant odors or tastes and they are easy to clean.

All product materials go through a rigorous materials qualification process at Klean Kanteen with the goal of protecting human health and the environment.

Klean Coat® is used for the durable finish, which is a new standard in durability and safety for people and the planet.

The Klean Coat® is a chip resistant finish that has been carefully designed to showcase a range of colors.

By combining vacuum insulation with Climate Lock, a whole new level of performance has been created, drinks stay cold or hot for a very long time, so you can usually quench your thirst with cold water during the day or enjoy a nice hot coffee after a long day.

Impact basecap

Dishwasher safe

Easy clean

BPA free

Chip resistant

Recycled materials

A Klean Kanteen for everything

Klean Kanteen has reusable BPA-free products, consisting of a range of different handy sizes, designs and colors.
From drinking bottles and water bottles to children’s bottles and thermoses, also storage jars, baby bottles, caps and other accessories such as straws, lunch boxes and storage boxes can be found in the collection.

By adding a personalization through laser engraving, you can completely tailor your Klean Kanteen to your feeling or present it as a beautiful gift.

The end result is a range of hydration and nutrition solutions designed to perform when you need them, from workdays to weekend excursions.

In short, a Klean Kanteen for everyone!

Custom Laser Engraved Bottles & Mugs

Stand out and promote your brand by having your logo laser engraved on a sustainable and custom product.

Custom and branded water bottles, coffee cups and mugs and tumblers make great business gifts!
Give your customers, employees, volunteers, partners, students, or anyone associated with your
organization something to remember you by.
Or give our reusable steel solutions as a gift to the ones that are close to you.

Only in a few simple steps you have ordered your unique and personalized Klean Kanteen!

Step 1: Select your solution

We have a wide range of different drink & food solutions, from custom insulated bottles and tumblers to branded pints and cups.

Browse through our different colors, sizes and styles to find the best option that suits your project.

Step 2: Prep your artwork

For your design to become reality, please first review the artwork. We require scalable vector artwork in a .AI, .EPS or .SVG file format.

Step 3: Start the process

Once you've completed the 2 main steps, then you are ready to go! If you still have any questions, we're here to help!

We look forward to partnering with you for custom branded products!

Newest Klean Kanteen products

Classic - Sport Cap

Klean Kanteen

18 oz - 532 ml

25.00 Incl. VAT

Classic - Sport Cap

Klean Kanteen

27 oz - 800 ml

27.00 Incl. VAT

Classic - Loop Cap

Klean Kanteen

12 oz - 355 ml

33.00 Incl. VAT

Classic - Loop Cap

Klean Kanteen

20 oz - 592 ml

37.99 Incl. VAT