Upgrade your gaming experience with a custom design

Gaming Customization

Almost all controllers and/or accessories can be personalized!

By combining state of the art technology and our professional equipment, we can provide you with a beautiful result.
You can choose one of our designs to apply to your accessories.

We are also happy to give you the possibility to fully personalize your controller or peripherals through a custom design.
More information about a custom design can be found here.

Personalization techniques

We use an advanced painting technique for applying Cerakote coatings, which also provides protection to your controller by this thin film ceramic coating.

Of course you can also have your accessories painted in a single color or work with a pearl or flake effect, the possibilities are endless!

But we go even further than that!
We have high-quality devices at our disposal to personalize your gaming accessories even more.
Just think of laser engraving a gamer tag or a logo on your custom controller.
More information about laser engraving can be found here.

The range of the different Cerakote colors can be found on the website of Cerakote Belgium.

Important notices

You are purchasing a design for a controller or peripheral, not the actual device.
Your controller or peripheral needs to be disassembled and delivered to us in order to apply the purchased design.
The personalization is done completely by hand, so your customized device will always be unique!
Also all products that we create with a custom design on demand remain unique to the individual.

We are not a distributor of gaming controllers or accessories, we always work on your own product.
That is why we would like to ask you to send or bring your product disassembled.

We do not offer guarantee to your device and are not responsible for any transport costs, we do offer a guarantee on our application.

If you have questions about technical possibilities or if you are in doubt about a design for your project, you can always rely on our knowledge and expertise.
You can find our details on our contact page.